Sekisui House Australia’s ambitious Melrose Park North development has been a magnet for first home buyers, with over 1,000 apartments already sold in this expansive 30-hectare community. The $5 billion project is set to transform into its own mini suburb, housing approximately 5,000 homes, a bustling town centre filled with retail and commercial spaces, and vast parklands.

The project, which is nestled in Sydney’s northwest, has been particularly appealing to Northern Beaches Buyers Agent. Rhys Morgan, a representative from Boston Project, has been involved in the project since its inception and has shared his excitement about the attraction of Melrose Park North for first home buyers. Remarkably, about 60% of the 1,000 sales have been made by first home buyers.

The latest stage of the development, Melrose Park Village, is designed to cater to the changing needs of young professionals. It boasts business workspaces, wellness facilities, and a sizable internal private park. “Melrose Park Village is a dream come true for young buyers who are planning to work from home more in the future,” Morgan said.

Morgan also highlighted the strength of the apartment market despite limited stock availability. He acknowledged the struggles many first home buyers face when entering the market and suggested Melrose Park Village as an excellent solution.

The project began with the award-winning One Melrose amidst a downturn in the apartment property market in 2017. Despite this, Melrose Park North has consistently received positive reviews from buyers. They appreciate the reasonable pricing of the apartments, the high-quality fit-outs and construction, and the potential for good investment returns. The development’s connectivity to public transport and its extensive recreational facilities have also been praised.

The new Town Centre and several major government projects underway further enhance the appeal of Melrose Park North. As a Sydney Buyers Agent, one could easily see the potential growth and opportunities this development offers.

Hide Seguchi, Sekisui House Australia’s CEO for Apartment and Mixed-Use Developments, expressed his satisfaction with the project’s resounding success. He stated, “This project truly embodies the Sekisui House philosophy of not only building well-designed and finished apartments but also creating a happy and healthy living environment.”

Seguchi highlighted the large internal park as a standout feature of the latest stage, which has unsurprisingly been attracting strong sales from various buyers. It is clear that Melrose Park North is not just about providing homes but also about fostering a community where residents can thrive.

For those looking to Get help buying in Sydney, particularly first-time buyers, Melrose Park North offers a promising and exciting opportunity. Its strategic location, comprehensive amenities, and well-thought-out design make it an attractive choice for those entering the property market. As a Lower North Shore Buyers Agent would attest, this development ticks all the boxes for a solid investment and a comfortable, convenient lifestyle.

In summary, Sekisui House Australia’s Melrose Park North development has proven to be a significant draw for first home buyers and investors alike. Its unique blend of high-quality apartments, extensive facilities, and a strong sense of community makes it a standout choice in Sydney’s property market.