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Manly is the gateway to Sydney’s Northern Beaches, boasting a truly enviable lifestyle.

It has the harbour on one side and beautiful Pacific Ocean on the other with the Sydney Harbour National Park and old Quarantine Station on its southern point meeting the inspiring Sydney Heads. As you rise up to the west you will encounter beautiful Fairlight with its harbourside pool and to the north Queenscliff, both providing only a short stroll to all the action that Manly has to offer.

Imagine starting your working day with a ferry ride commute to the city and returning later to a beach or harbour side apartment, heritage home or art deco work of art. – Maybe an afternoon swim will be the order of the day washed down with an evening drink and meal in one of the many restaurants and cafes. Nothing like a holiday lifestyle reinforcing your day to day living routine.

Manly Beach is the main rival to Bondi Beach in Sydney, this stunning beach is extremely well patrolled and is easily accessible by beachgoers. This is indeed a great place for sunbathing, surfing or for the sake of just enjoying a leisurely stroll between Queenscliff and Shelly Beach.

In between you’ll find The Corso, the centre piece of Manly which is lined with shops, restaurants, bars, and facilities for a variety of outdoor recreational activities – biking, surfing, swimming, volleyball, and more. It caters on a daily basis to locals, day trippers and tourists alike.

The Corso stretches from Manly Beach to the northern foreshore of Sydney Harbour, where buses and ferries can be caught.

Our Manly buyers agent has gained an intimate knowledge of the Manly real estate market operating as a buyers agent over the last 25 plus years and those factors that drive and influence it.

Manly is home to a diverse range of property including prestige homes and apartments.

Manly’s time line of history is highlighted everywhere you look through its architecture including older style homes built in the late 1800s, Federation homes and art deco with a splash of P&O examples, Due to its ever increasing popularity, beautiful modern architect-designed luxury homes are always being added to the landscape.

Due to the popularity of Manly and its excellent views, more and more apartment buildings are being built to capture the beach and harbour vistas.

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